Name: Tiffany Grant
Birth Date: October 11, 1968
Birthplace: Houston, Texas, USA
Agency: Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency

Tiffany Grant provides the English voice for Asuka in both the original TV series and the Rebuild of Evangelion films. Ms Grant is a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Asuka is her favourite character. She's also a fan of Miyamura Yuuko's work as the Japanese voice for Asuka. In an interview, Grant mentions that she read an interview with Miyamura included in one of the volumes of the Evangelion manga. She felt very strongly about Miyamura's description of her relationship with Asuka and felt exactly the same. She actually approached Miyamura and asked her to autograph her copy. They became friends afterwards.

Ms Grant is such a fan of Asuka that she's cosplayed her in both her red plugsuit and yellow dress outfits at conventions, has voiced her in radio plays and also in a fan-made animation.

As she's fluent in German, Grant's performance as Asuka emphasises her German heritage. Several German phrases were added into the script by Grant herself, which would mark her first foray into script writing and adaptation. She says that the role came naturally to her; her voice is basically the same as her natural voice with a slightly higher pitch. She feels that after fourteen months of production on the original series, Asuka has become a part of her. Asuka is like a younger sister to her and she often finds herself sticking up for her when she encounters fans that have a negative attitude toward the character.

"My favorite description of Asuka to date appeared in the Dec. 1997 issue of Animerica magazine (referring to my portrayal of the character): "...shrill and unpleasant enough to make the character properly unlikeable but not so over the top as to make her completely unsympathetic." - Mark Simmons. That pretty much wraps up my feelings for her in a nutshell."
Tiffany Grant