I first got into Neon Genesis Evangelion in the late 90's and I've always wanted to create a site to its characters in one way or another. In 1998, I attempted to create a shrine to all five pilots but the project was far too time consuming so I ended up focusing on my favourite: Asuka. In November 2002, I had almost a complete fan site for Asuka created but for some reason, I never finished it and it never saw light of day.

When I got back into creating fan sites as a hobby, reviving my Asuka project was always at the back of my mind. In September 2016, I began working on it once again. While I decided to keep the same title for the site, the scope of the project is much larger than it used to be but it's still backed by the same love for the character that I had nearly twenty years ago.

I chose to focus primarily on Asuka as she is in the original Neon Genesis Evangelion tv series as this is the original basis for all other versions of her character. The site currently features some information about Asuka as she is in the Rebuild of Evangelion films and in the future, I hope to include information about her as she is in the manga as well. Maybe if I'm ambitious enough, I'll even include all of the other spin-offs one day!

As for the title of the site, "esprit" is the quality of being lively and vivacious. Asuka is the most lively and animated character in Evangelion by far so I felt that "espirt" perfectly captured her essence.