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Other Sites

If you're looking for other excellent Evangelion sites to visit, look no further! The links below are all amazing sites so please visit!

Asuka Sites
Emotionally Unstable - The Asuka fanlisting.
Odi et Amo - An incredibly in-depth site to Asuka and Shinji's relationship.
Save Me From Myself - The Asuka/Shinji fanlisting.

Other Characters
Adieu - A brillian dedication to Nagisa Kaworu.
Bad Habits - A lovely tribute to Katsuragi Misato.
Full of Grace - An incredibly insightful tribute to Nagisa Kaworu.
Revenant - A gorgeous dedication to Ayanami Rei.

Miscellaneous - You'll never need to go anywhere else!
Evangelion Wiki - An in-depth wikipedia for all things Evangelion.

Official Sites
Project Eva - Official Japanese site for the TV and films.
FUNimation's Rebuild Site - FUNimation's Rebuild of Evangelion site in English.